Vestibular Therapy

Good Balance is often taken for granted. We do not try to balance ourselves while walking. Our balance comes in sync while walking. However impaired balance could be extremely dangerous. We know that a human brain's balance center lies in the inner ear. The inner ears along with the brain composes the vestibular system which controls balance and eye movements. Any damage or injury to the vestibular system can lead to dizziness,vertigo,impaired balance and visual disturbance.

Vestibular Rehabilitation aims to check these symptoms. It includes exercises which is designed by an experienced physical therapist in order to restore the balance and reduce the symptoms related to the disorder. A physical therapist evaluates a patients symptoms and observe the manner a patient walks,leg strength,balance ,flexibility,visual stability,stablity of neck and also performs an inner ear exam.Based on this assessment, the physical therapist develops a plan which includes exercises to overcome the ordeals due to vestibular disorders.

Doctor's choice Home care includes the following exercises in Vestibular Therapy

  • A training to enhance vision stability
  • Fitness exercises
  • Walking
  • Training based on occupation so that the patient feels confident while working in the midst of such disorders.
  • Training to maintain posture
  • Exercises which focus on neck stability
  • Training to regain Balance
  • Exercises of stretching and strengthening