Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is done for people who have communication disorders,voice disorders or even swallowing disorders. Some people find it difficult to express their ideas in words while some are unable to frame sentences. An individual's voice can also effect communication. Lack of proper communication skills has lot of adverse effect.One may miss many opportunities in their career which one could acquire through smartness and good communication skills. If a person cannot communicate with other people he will remain alone forever. This can be overcome by the assistance of a good speech therapist. The speech therapy services are provided by a licensed therapist or a licensed therapist assistant under the direction of the therapist.

Doctor's Choice Home Care has a good team of speech therapists.Essential duties and responsibilities of our speech therapist are as follows :

  • Helps the physician to determine the patients disorder and plan the appropriate corrective therapy
  • Creates awareness among other health team personnel,patient and family on the ways to assist the therapy
  • Safety measures and infection control are put into practice with respect to agency policies and procedures