Physical Therapy

Physical therapy also known as Physical therapy is performed in patients who find it difficult to move and perform their daily functions alone. For example,in cases of fractures , the part which is broken is plastered for a period and once the plaster is removed, the patient finds difficulty in moving that body part. In such cases physiotherapy is done to make the body part mobile. In elder people, the lack of work or proper exercise can lead to inability of movement of some body parts. Physical therapy is the remedy to such disorders. This involves mechanical movements which promotes mobility and proper functioning of body. Some of the areas which involves physical therapy are sports,wound care,orthopedics,pediatrics,neurology and cardiopulmonary.

Physical therapy is performed by trained physiotherapists.The rate of recovery depends on how efficiently the physiotherapists diagnose the disorder and plans accordingly. Doctors choice Home care are proud to have physical therapists who have undergone Home physical Therapy Programs.

Home Physical Therapy Programs promotes and teach:

  • Assess the manner of walking and train accordingly
  • Check posture and give proper training
  • Evaluate tolerance and make appropriate exercise plans
  • Implement exercises to strengthen and improve functionalities
  • Study the requirement of assistive devices and make avail it and give proper training
  • Checks progress and gradually make the patient do things alone in a step by step manner
  • Awareness about flexibillity of body
  • Regular exercises which includes proper breathing patterns