Occupational Therapy

Some disorders may involve disability to do one's occupation. Occupational therapy is a solution to this. It involves various treatment procedures that enables one to do their job like before.Physical therapy only involves the physical movement of body part. However in some cases like disabilities occurring after an accident, special care must be given to restore old state. The movement of body part alone cannot help one perform their job like before. In order to earn their living one must have to regain their health to its old state.

For this additional assistance must be provided and this is contributed by occupational therapists. They diagnose,make plans and trains the patient to restore their capability of doing their job alone. In some cases one will have to develop a new occasion as an impact of their disease.In cases of paralysis or losing one's hand in an accident,the patient can no longer continue their old job. They will have to do some new job for their livelihood. Occupational therapists provides them aid to do their job. They are the ones who give them a ray of hope to earn their living.

Occupational therapists handles a very crucial role in a patient's life and one cannot make a wrong choice about this.Doctor's Choice Home Care comprehends the necessity of occupation in a persons life .Our team is ready to work until your dreams come true.

For patients utilizing our Cardiopulmonary Home Care Program, Occupational Therapy Services may include:

  • Awareness about the principles and application of energy conservation techniques
  • Encourage the patient to do things alone without depending on any aids
  • Convince them that they can live without adaptive equipments
  • Teach proper breathing techniques
  • Make them aware on how to control shortness of breatheActivity configuration to provide space for work,paly,rest and seep
  • Implement proper breathing patterns and exercises