Medical Social Worker

Doctor's choice Home care is commited to serve people.We have trained personnels who are ready to work anytime for the well being of others.The satisfaction we attain while helping others cannot be described in words.We have received it plenty times.Our job is not merely treating the patient alone.We support the patients family too.We perform our best to bring about positive changes in the patient.

Our essential duties and responsiblities includes

  • Social and emotional factors evaluation to measure the patients degree of illness and his/her will to withstand the problems of daily living
  • Lend a helping hand to the patient and their families in developing ways to tackle the various medical,emotional and environment problems with respect to the patients illness
  • Makes the physician and other health care members aware of the patient's state of illness and act accordingly
  • Create awareness among the patient and their families about the role and importance of rehabilitation services
  • Makes a definite plan and implements efficiently so that the patient regains their old state
  • Helps the patient and families in all aspects by making them avail maximum benefits from medical care
  • Identifies and utilizes all the services available and ensures that the patient can achieve the fullest despite of his/her limitations or disabilities
  • Report to the physician and the agency about the status of the patient.The extent of progress and response of the patient to the treatment is reported