Home Health Aide

Doctor's Choice Home Care is focused to offer a helping hand in restoring people to their old state.Different diseases may have different after effects.It may involve various stages to recover completely.Self medication will not hep in many cases.Proper treatment must be done at homes for speedy and effective recovery.Doctor's choice Home care has the best team of service.Our team discusses the status of patient with the physician and makes plans of rehabilitation under the guidance of the physician and works sincerely to restore the patient to their old self.

Our duties at home includes

  • Temperature,pulse and breathing are noted on all visits
  • Measures food intake and output
  • Helps the patient to move from bed
  • Assist the patient for body alignment
  • Helps the patient in using daily living aids like walker,wheel chair,etc
  • Avails the extension of all therapy services with the permission of the registered authority
  • Helps in changing the colostomy bag
  • Assist in changing of dresses
  • Helps in wearing collars or ice caps
  • Learns about and cooks the special diet to be given to the patient
  • Helps in performing the prescribed exercise
  • Performs urine test for sugar ,acetone or albumin
  • Follows the diet requirement and assure that the patient is fed with a well-balanced meal
  • If authorised , performs housekeeping activities like making the patients bed,cleaning kitchen and bathroom,laundry and shopping
  • Supervision of Self administered Medication

After proper treatment,the patient is monitored and allowed to do self administered medication.However they will be under our supervision.This is done to develop the patients cofidence level.They gradually develop their skills and starts performing things alone.However we do not make the patient to do everything alone.

Our responsibilities includes

  • Collecting the requirements of medication from storage area
  • Helping the patient in availing cups,spoons or glasses when the self administer medication
  • Reminding the patient it is time to take medication
  • Have a look on self administrated medication by patients